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We are here to help you get more matches on dating apps and websites.

Why us

Step up your online dating

Rizz helps you to create the best dating profile to hit on the kind of person that you are searching for


Dating profile pictures AI evaluation

Our AI will give you accurate, kind and judgement free about your photos.

Match Points

Quickly understand how to get better at taking pictures, with just a clear, fair, concise KPI.

Personalized tips

Our AI takes into account many different variables to give the most accurate and personalized tips ever.


Generate new picture with Rizz Photoboot AI

We designed more than 15 different generative style for you and we will generate a huge amount of photos so that you can choose the one that fits you the best.

Privacy first

Your data are safe with us, we delete all the pictures from our servers as soon as they are not needed anymore.

No to catfish

You will get the same result of a professional photoshoot: no less, no more.

"Prior to using Rizz, my match rate was disappointingly low. I struggled to connect with the type of women I desired, leading to feelings of dejection and a desire to abandon Tinder altogether. However, by heeding the advice and receiving valuable feedback from the dating experts, my approach and dating life underwent a transformative shift."
Aliah Lane
Product Designer
"I'm highly impressed with Rizz as it has been an invaluable source of learning for me. It provided me with essential knowledge on capturing great photos and crafting an engaging bio. Without their guidance, I would have been completely lost, but thanks to them, my profile has become outstanding!"
Nala Goins
"I have ample experience with online dating and Tinder, but the insights I received were refreshing and immensely beneficial. Implementing the feedback has yielded fantastic results. Many self-proclaimed dating experts lack true knowledge, but Rizz is the genuine helper"
Mark Perez

Stop wasting time with ugly selfies, it's time to shine with Rizz

Prepare yourself for a new vibing and exciting dating life

Photo Evaluation

Stop guessing. Get unbiased, true, feedbacks and a simple score.


Tailor made feedbacks

Tired of general tips and tricks? Rizz gives you specific, custom feedback for every one of your photos.


Positive reinforcement

Rizz is built to help you reach the best version of yourself. Rizz provides you insightful tips and never let you down.

Educational resources

More than just one app. Rizz features a collection of scientific resources to help you succeed in the dating scene.

Pictures generation

No need to hire a photographer, Rizz AI got you covered.


Profile analysis

Rizz analyse your overall profile to make you understand your vibes and energy.

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